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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest provider of natural medicine for emerging, worldwide markets and to assist patients and medical professionals with superior, state-of-the-art, natural treatments. Our goal is to promote educational information for the medical cannabis industry.                          

“From Seed to Medicine” we guarantee the best quality products. 
We are always in search of the latest innovation and research, which allows us to establish new collaborations and market relevancy.   

“From Seed” – The process begins with the research determining plant genetics that will provide the best medical benefit. We produce the finest organic components.

“To Medicine” – We process our natural ingredients in the most advanced GMP industry to create the best cannabis medicine on the market. 

We guide physicians and patients, encouraging feedback and follow-up for future upgrades.

Raphael Founder’s Statement

We know that medical cannabis has already benefited hundreds of thousands of patients with medical complications around the world. There are still millions who require these treatments. We are trying to make them available and affordable to all those who need them. 

We recognize the need to influence and encourage countries around the world to provide licenses for cannabis treatments. Presently, most countries are still having ongoing discussion on when and how to introduce cannabis into mainstream treatments.  

We are optimistic that as more testimonies from patients and more medical research is published, additional medical professionals and health officials will come on board.  

We welcome everybody who wants to learn, educate and promote medical cannabis for the benefit of humankind. 


Amit Ayalon

Co-Founder and CEO
Israel Cannabis Medicine  

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