Founder and Senior Partner of Eitan Haezrachy & Co.,

Atty. Eitan Haezrachy


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Mr. Haezrachy studied at Tel Aviv University’s Law School and is a LLB.
He is qualified in regulatory and administrative and constitutional law and is an expert in cannabis regulation in Israel and all over the world.

Leadership & Experience

Atty. Eitan Haezrachy is the founder and senior partner of the Eitan Haezrachy & Co. Law Firm that is a leading law firm and a pioneer in the field of medical cannabis, medical malpractice and damages and has also been rated as a prominent firm in the field of insurance by the DUNS100 Law Firm Rating for 2020.
Eitan Haezrachy & Co. has an European representative in Berlin, Germany, who tends to the firm’s clients in international projects in Europe, North America and Latin America, including collaborations with leading law firms in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and more.
Atty. Eitan Haezrachy has represented physicians, medical centers, hospitals and insurance companies in legal proceedings in all areas of civil and disciplinary law for about thirty years. Besides that, he is a risk management expert, lead speaker in events for large and leading companies worldwide, physicians, institutions, hospitals and medical institutes.
Furthermore, Mr. Haezrachy is the co-founder of Isracannabis Consultants Ltd., representing well-known medical cannabis companies and entrepreneurs as well as medical cannabis farms in Israel and around the world investing in medical cannabis and serving as a legal advocate for projects across the globe.
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