Specialist in General Medicine and Medical Director

Dr. Michael Dor

M.D, M.P.A

Dr. Michael Dor graduated from Tel Aviv University and completed his training as a Family Physician specialist. He earned a master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government) becoming a speacilist in Health Managament. Dr. Michael Dor is leading the path for cannabis research exploring medical implications and public policy for both Israel and abroad.


Dr. Michael Dor graduated from Tel Aviv University and completed his training with a specialty as a Family Physician and earned a master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government).

Medical and Public Health Experience

Dr. Dor was one of the leaders of the Israeli Ministry of Health. He served as the head of the Hospitals Division and Deputy Director of health management in the Ministry.
During this period, he initiated the quality control and licensing process of the hospitals and the clinical services in the country. He voluntary started a clinic for uninsured refugees and a shelter for victims of human trafficking and was awarded the Presidential Award – the highest civilian honor in Israel.
His other activities included serving as a physician for two Popes during their visits to Israel, preparation of a plan of cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and managing the medical services during the evacuation from South Lebanon and more.
After retiring from the Ministry, he was asked to serve as the Senior Medical Advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit in the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Medical Cannabis

During the last four years he contributed to the development of the Cannabis Medical Unit which facilitated the process of approval of treatments. He initiated many academic courses, among them: Israel, Uruguay, Jamaica, Australia, Canada, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and the high league universities in America.
Dr. Dor continues to take care of his patients while teaching at Hadassah Academic College as an admired senior lecturer. He promotes cutting edge research in medical cannabis, and serves as an advisor for medical institutions in Israel and abroad.

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