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Isracannabis, (established: 2020) aspired to change the world with medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is one of the most fascinating industries impacting  diverse sectors and values, such as: 


It entails the life-changing applications of medical cannabis, patient treatment and pain management, spreading beyond the classic aspects of growing, packaging, and delivery. The company brings together some of the best doctors, providing clients with assistance and guidance in preparing and providing:

We provide the latest medical research for growing and cultivating, pharmaceuticals and distribution and more. Whether you seek sponsorship or just seek information, we will present you the data you need to make confident decisions and interest potential sponsors. Proposals are prepared to assess the cost and potential impact of the proposed research. 

Our team of experts will appraise the clinical and administrative systems, processes, and reports employed to detect, monitor, assess, mitigate, and prevent risks. By employing risk management, we systematically safeguard patient safety as well as the company’s assets, market share, accreditation, reimbursement levels, brand value, and community standing.

Rising developing markets, government regulatory policies, and consumer demands are incessantly adding new levels of complexity to the medical cannabis industry. Our grasp of each phase of the cannabis industry – from seed to medicine – will give you real-time assistance during every stage of the cannabis process whether a farmer, agronomist, doctor, patient, or manufacturer. We escort you the entire way.  

 Raphael is uniquely positioned to provide you access to cutting-edge consulting by our specialists to ensure you meet all requirements while developing your products. Our experts offer knowledge and experience across product categories and development trails.

This is an inclusive package to enable our clients to receive the highest quality support consistently.

The impact of the cannabis industry

Medical cannabis  is a complex, international, life-changing industry and has far-reaching implications on how we perceive the health system, the future of pharma and the treatment of pain. The industry is developing values such as sustainability for a cleaner world. In recent years we have seen the impact on countries’ economies, international agriculture and genetically engineered agriculture. It even influences policy-making. The world has changed its attitude towards cannabis – for medical or recreational use, cosmetics, pharma, biopharmaceuticals, high-tech, and cannabis integrated medical devices.

The magnitude of accurate, relevant studies

The path to worldwide medical and commercial success in each of the areas mentioned above must start with a high-quality study. We believe that opportunities in medical cannabis serves an important social economical tool and benefits the medical industry with new possibilities.

At Isrecannabis you are guaranteed to receive the most accurate and up to date professional guidance from experts with experience in conducting medical-research and occupations in relevant fields that apply to the science of cannabis. 

Services provided

Isracannabis offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, high-quality support to entrepreneurs, companies and international farmers. We are active in mature and novice medical cannabis markets alike. Our experts specialize in assisting to those who want to promote their objectives in the medical cannabis area including but not limited to research, treatment and medical devices.

The company operates in Israel and abroad providing medical advice and research on a wide range of topics, spanning the medical cannabis industry’s manufacturing and supply system. We also guide on related industries such as lifestyle products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, genetics and more.

Among other things, the company will provide multidisciplinary counseling on all primary and secondary topics in the area of medical cannabis research. We boast an advisory service of the country’s best experts in in the relevant disciplines, and offer scientific and regulatory assistance for obtaining research permits (including submissions to research approval committees) and GMP requirements. We facilitate promotion and guide for innovating projects. Our experts can serve on the medical board of companies, and assist in the collection of up-to-date scientific information, medical risk management and building models for the development of medical and commercial tools. We offer consulting services for the recruitment of employees. 

Isracannabis puts special emphasis on research and development that is relevant to specific populations, such as geriatrics, psychology, psychiatry, oncology, genetics and neurology, for strain-matching and regular medical consumption. Among other things, the company works to create a database that will include research proposals, articles, professional literature and content that will be tailored to its clients.

Meet our consulting team

Isracannabis Consultants

Atty. Eitan Haezrachy

Founder and Senior Partner
of Eitan Haezrachy & Co.,

Prof. Yehuda Adler

Specialist in Cardiology
Internal Medicine and Medical Director

Prof. Moshe Kotler

Specialist in Psychiatry

Dr. Michael Dor

Specialist in General Medicine
and Medical Director

Dr. Yoram Plotzky

Dr. in genetics
and molecular biology

Dr. Orna Landau de Shalit

Specialist in Anesthesiology
and Cronic Pain

Dr. Ronen Levstein

Specialist in Internal Medicine
Director of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
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